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  • What is Sugar Wax?
    Sugar wax is only lemon, sugar, and water! This makes it more of a natural way to remove hair and leaves your skin a little more smoother than hard wax. Hard wax is stripless wax that is very gentle with the skin but not as natural as suagr.
  • How oftern should I get waxed?
    I recommend every 4-6 weeks!
  • Brow Lamination
    Brow lamination is a temporary perm for your brow hairs giving brows a uniform sculpt for fuller looking brows! This service fills in gaps and gives the illusion of fullness and growth. This isn't recommended for those with fragile brows or those with dry skn and eczema on their brow. Do not book if you are on acne medication or using any retinol products within 2 weeks of appointment.
  • Brow Tinting
    Brow tint is a temporary tinting of the brow to give it a more full and darker apperance. Tint lasts up to 2 weeks, sometimes longer. Its fades over time and it takes differently on everyone. TInt is designed for HAIR if the hair is fine it may not last as long. The more hair the more the tint will adhere and last longer. Sometimes the tint stains the skin which makes the brows appear fuller. The tint will either take on the skin or not. To preserve tint please wash around brows when washing your face. Avoid putting lotions and oils on brows. Doing this helps the tint to last longer.
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